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Battlestar Galactica OracleIn a Wicked Age: Battlestar Galactica Oracle

In a Wicked Age is a great roleplaying game by Vincent Baker. One of the morsels of pure genius in this game is the idea of an 'Oracle' which lets you apply the game system to any genre you can imagine. There's a ton of fan created oracles here. Surprisingly I did not see an Oracle for the new Battlestar Galactica TV show. Given the character driven themes in that show along with the paranoia of sleeper cylons, I figured I'd be a great opportunity to whip one up.

This PDF does not include any of the rules for In a Wicked Age. It does include:

The Battlestar Galactica Oracle with varient rules for activating a Cylon sleeper.
BSG style Chapter Sheet
BSG style Owe List
BSG style Character Sheet
BSG style NPC Sheet
BSG style Particular Strength Sheet

Let me know what you think.